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Genealogy Leads

I supply leads to several of the top producers online in a large variety of specialty niches. With me you get more value, more leads at a better price than you will pay elsewhere. Click HERE to discover the difference and then call me to discuss your needs.

Spokesperson Audio / Video

Need a custom audio or video? I can turn your script into a powerful feature of your website that commands attention and generates real interest in your product, program or service. 30+ years of industry experience. Call to discuss.

Web Design

Whether you want a dramatic facelift to your existing website, or a new web design from scratch, I can create just about anything you can imagine. I create mobile responsive sites that are SEO friendly, look awesome, and convert! Call me!

Pick Domain Name

Domain Name Registration Search is an art. Need help picking a really good domain name? Call me to ensure you register a domain name that has value, is SEO friendly, and passes my 7 point research analysis checklist for real success. Click HERE for details.

Web Traffic

Drive 10,000+ real, unique, geo-targeted visitors to your website starting in 24/48 hours for pennies. Boost SEO rank. Increase list opt-ins. These are people who are searching for your specific niche. Call me for details.

Dial Smarter

This is one of several marketing tools and platforms I helped develop. If you use the phone to communicate with prospects and clients, you need to click HERE to discover how this phenomenal tool can increase your productivity immediately.

Sales Funnel Review

94% of the time when I look at a sales funnel, it’s backwards and missing critical elements for real success. If your website isn’t converting, or you’re doing voice broadcasting without success, it’s almost always due to a bad sales funnel. Call me to discuss.

Promotional Clothing

Share your marketing message wherever you go! Click HERE to discover a proven method I’ve been using since 2008 to instantly generate new prospects and clients on the spot in real time with minimal effort and time required to implement.

Training CDs / DVDs

I’ve authored almost 200 training titles. I have several titles to help you become a better marketer, a better salesperson, a better YOU, and of course to make MORE money! I’m currently rebuilding website. Call to discuss.

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Consulting Services

I have over 30 years in the industry. I’ve made millions selling products, programs, services, opportunities. I’m well versed in sales & marketing. If you want to know why you aren’t earning what you’re worth, call me.

I'm often asked by clients if there's a way they can show their appreciation to me for always being available to help empower them for real success. For those who wish to show me some love, here's a link to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks and know that every kind act is greatly appreciated and never forgotten.