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“If you can implement a simple to follow system, that is so turn-key practically anyone can duplicate it, you can easily earn between $600. and $1,000. or MORE, in only a few days of effort.” Placemat Advertising



If you’re a business owner, you’re really going to appreciate this concept!
This is a NO Bullsh*t Zone…

What you are about to read is nothing like the typical sales page hype you most likely have seen many times before. I’m not here to try and convince you, or to talk you into buying anything. I’ve given you all the information you need with which to make an informed decision. I already know this information can change your life. I’m very confident  that by the time you’ve seriously reviewed this content, you will agree with me. So let’s get started…

IMPORTANT: Do not quickly skim this page looking for the bottom line. If you do, it will perhaps be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. I’m dead serious. Please do not look at this page or read the words here with a defensive, guarded mentality. Simply absorb the content. You will understand why afterwards.

Everyday I receive calls from people who really need to make money NOW!

They either find themselves running short on money at the end of the month, or they have been scammed so many times they’ve become gun-shy and fearful of every money making opportunity out there. And we both know there’s lots of stuff out there to try and wade through. It can be rather frustrating, not to mention expensive.

People tell me how they need to find something that really works and doesn’t cost much money to get started. And usually this means the value is low based upon a low cost. You know, the whole “you get what you pay for thing.” But that’s not the case here as you will soon discover. You’re about to see very high value for a surprisingly low cost.

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Any time one of these calls comes in, I immediately direct people to check out this site. I do it because I believe it is the best method of generating fast cash that is easy to do, has a very low start-up, and can absolutely put money in your pocket within minutes of implementing it. You will see what I mean in a few minutes!

Do you believe this sounds too good to be true? Well, if you do, hold that thought until after you have very carefully reviewed this page. Otherwise, you will never know what you overlooked, and more importantly what if could have done for you in terms of easily generated fast cash!

Now don’t worry because this is NOT mail-order, gifting, MLM, or any other work at home type business opportunity you may be thinking of. In fact, you don’t even need a computer or an Internet connection to do it! But wait until you discover in the next few minutes how powerful this money making system is. I believe you will become really excited and for very good reason.

Several years ago I ordered a making money course while watching a late night infomercial. When the course arrived a few days later, I couldn’t wait to go through the information cover to cover. For several days I very carefully poured over the pages, soaking up every ounce of information. I gleaned several ways, that if implemented, would enable me to make money.

Tucked away in the next to the last paragraph of one of the pages, from one of the manuals was a short blurb that would later prove to be one of the smartest money making strategies I’ve ever implemented.

And this is really an important point. Often there are many things that if implemented could make a substantial difference in our lives. The unfortunate part is that sadly most fail to take action and implement anything. This is a huge misfortune that doesn’t have to happen. Don’t let this happen to you!

When I read the paragraph, the very first thought that popped into my head is – this is too easy – the second thought was – this will actually work.

So the next morning I got busy implementing the new idea I discovered. And by noon that same day I had all the confirmation I needed that it not only worked, but that it worked very well and very consistently.

How many times have you procrastinated when you saw something you thought might actually work to help you make money?
Here’s where things start to get really exciting. I’m about to reveal my guaranteed money making strategy system. Before I do, let me first tell you about one of the elements of it. It contains a way for you to get 100% FREE ADVERTISING for your product, program, service, MLM, home based business opportunity, and even your main street retail business. This combined with the money making element, makes this a no-brainer must do system for everyone!

The small paragraph I read all those years ago briefly mentioned an idea that stood out in my mind more so than everything else talked about in all of the manuals that were included in the money making course. It stood out because the gears started to turn in a really big way, because I started having all these thoughts rushing into my head of the many ways I could tweak this idea and make it a non-stop cash cow!

First listen to the short audio message above, and then click here to discover how it works!
I coined this phrase many years ago because it’s really direct and dead on accurate… “You can make money or you can make excuses. However, you can’t make both effectively at the same time.”
In other words, you have to pick one and get on with it! And for your sake, I hope you pick making money, because it certainly pays a lot more than excuses ever will. Always remember… you can’t deposit excuses.

Listen, what I’m about to share with you really works. Whether or not you decide to make excuses, or implement this proven money making strategy is of course your decision. Isn’t it interesting how our lives are shaped by the choices we make? I know what can happen for you if you have the courage to make a smart decision here.

The paragraph I read that day briefly mentioned restaurant placemats. It talked about getting a local restaurant to agree to place free placemats on its tables and then selling advertising space n the placemats to local area businesses. It got me thinking back to when I had seen placemats on tables at various where I had a meal. It made perfect sense. And I’ve always known that any time you really become strapped for cash, one of the safest bets is to always sell advertising. It’s a super easy sale and here’s why…a well known fact among local business owners is that…


of all locally based service oriented business comes from within a five mile radius of their front door.
The beauty of this concept is that all business owners know it.
Every business owner knows they MUST consistently advertise their business to generate new customers. This equals GUARANTEED money in YOUR pockets!
They also know they must advertise their business or it will soon fail. Every business sets aside a certain amount of money for their advertising budget. They are going to spend X every year, regardless of what type of advertising they choose.

Advertising is sometimes a numbers game. It certainly involves trying new creative advertising concepts, strategies and ideas. And if a business owner has not tried restaurant placemats, they usually will. Of course if they have tried placemat advertising in the past, they will most often be thrilled to do it again!

Here’s how you make money with restaurant placemats. And keep in mind this is incredibly effective and amazingly simple to do.

The first step is to locate a local restaurant willing to accept 10,000 free placemats for use on their tables. This is pretty simple to do. The incentive for the restaurant is that you are giving them the mats free of charge. The placemats also offer a few more specific very specific benefits that I’ll get into shortly.

After you’ve found the restaurant, then it’s time to find advertisers within a five mile radius of the restaurant’s front door.

This is even easier thanks to both the 85% rule as well as the fact that every business owner knows they MUST ADVERTISE.
This is actually the fun part. But I’ll get into how you can make this whole process MUCH easier and MUCH more profitable in a minute. First let me show you a few of the actual restaurant placemats I’ve done. This will give you a better understanding of this great concept, and also hopefully start your creative mind thinking about how you can quickly implement this super effective concept and strategy to not only put some of the easiest money in your pocket, but to also grow your business at the same time.

Case Study # 1

3rd Street Diner – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,603.75
Printing Cost: $532.09
Profit: $1,071.66
I also had my own FREE ad on the 10,000 placemats!

Case Study # 2

Tony’s BBQ – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,429.80
Printing Cost: $500.74
Profit: $929.06
I also had my own FREE ad on the 10,000 placemats!
Look at the header or top portion of the following placemat. Notice the restaurant name. Also notice the discount coupon. Both are very compelling reasons why the restaurant owners love this concept and also why many will jump at the chance to say YES to you!

Case Study # 3

Wall Street Deli – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,871.50
Printing Cost: $596.99
Profit: $1,274.51
I also had my own FREE ad on the 10,000 placemats!

Case Study # 4

Candela’s Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,255.00
Printing Cost: $548.92
Profit: $706.08 + 9 month fitness center membership and professional video duplication service – 50 copies.
I also had my own FREE ad on the 10,000 placemats!
Here’s another example. Notice the types of advertisers… Automotive sales, insurance, lawyer, automotive repair, fitness center, equipment rental, and shoe repair. Also in this example, the restaurant took better advantage of their given placemat space by listing a coupon, their name, catering details, and a plug for their box lunches, deli trays, corporate dinners and private parties.

Case Study # 5

Tony’s BBQ – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,534.00
Printing Cost: $506.07
Profit: $1,027.93
I also had my own FREE ad on the 10,000 placemats!

Case Study # 6

Boulevard Deli – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,392.50
Printing Cost: $544.77
Profit: $844.73 + 10,000 printed brochures including paper, folding and boxing.
I also had my own 2 FREE ads on the 10,000 placemats!
This next example shows the restaurant again taking full advantage of the top section of the placemat. This belongs to them. After all, you need them to make this concept work. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from the placemats in another way. Look at the bottom of each placemat. Notice the ad that appears? It’s MY AD! That’s right. In addition to selling the advertising spaces, you can place your own ad in the space at the bottom of the placemats! of course you can place one of multiple ads n the actual placemat itself up n the regular advertising spaces if you choose.
Take a look at all three placemat examples. Look very closely at the other types of advertisers I didn’t mention above… Realtor, herb shop, mail kiosk stand, specialty shop, automotive detail shop, landscaping company, hair studio, chiropractor, family & children’s services etc.There are endless possibilities.This means there are many ways for you to get paid!

Case Study # 7

Byram’s Lobster House – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,141.00
Printing Cost: $758.21
Profit: $382.79
This was the first mat I ever did. I overpaid for printing. I also had 4 (which I could have sold) of my own FREE ads on the 10,000 placemats!

Case Study # 8

Tony’s BBQ – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,655.00
Printing Cost: $558.74
Profit: $1,096.26
I also had my own 2 FREE ads on the 10,000 placemats!
How would you like to make between $600. and $1,000. or MORE every time you implement this guaranteed money making system PLUS have 10,000+ people looking at your advertisement(s) all without any out of pocket expenses? If you already own a business, this is also a phenomenal FREE advertising method for you. I’ll talk more about this in a couple minutes.  If you don’t currently own a business, don’t worry because I will show you how to find things to advertise on the 10,000 restaurant placemats which can generate even MORE money for you!

Just imagine 10,000 targeted, fresh, local people looking at YOUR advertisement!

Think this will help you grow your business and make more money? I already know the answer. I believe you do to.
Not only does this amazingly simple, yet incredibly powerful money making system work, it can work for you!
Easily rake in between $600. and $1,000. or MORE in literally just a few days.

Advertise your own product, program, service, business opportunity, or main street retail business on the placemats for FREE!

You are guaranteed that a minimum of 10,000 people will see your ad(s).

Enjoy repeat business from advertisers who wish to have their ad(s) appear on future placemats you do! Easy residual income!

You can repeat this concept anytime you want! You can have multiple placemats in multiple restaurants all over your local and surrounding areas! This means 10,000 people are guaranteed to see your ad(s) at each location!

Case Study # 9

Dena’s Deli – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,188.50
Printing Cost: $549.87
Profit: $638.63 + 1 year Gold’s Gym membership ($299. Value)
This was the second mat I ever did. I also had 2 of my own FREE ads on the 10,000 placemats!

Case Study # 10

Boulevard Deli – Richmond, VA
Ads Sold: $1,173.75
Printing Cost: $492.38
Profit: $681.37 + 6 months professional chiropractic adjustments twice per week.
I also had my own 2 FREE ads on the 10,000 placemats!

So, how much can you expect to earn?

Let’s take the numbers from the case studies above. And just to keep it simple, I will leave out all of the barter deals, and just work with the actual profits generated, as a direct result of only selling the advertising spaces on each placemat.

Remember, the case study numbers below do not include the money I raked in as a result of people responding to my advertising on the placemats! When you combine the bartering, plus the earned revenue of everyone who purchased a product, program, service, joined a business opportunity etc. to the actual profit from the advertising sales, you can very easily see this is an incredible concept! Also, each mat only took me about 3 days to complete! This means when you total up the 10 case studies, in just 30 days I enjoyed HUGE profits! These numbers were taken from my own personal case studies. They are on file and can be verified. I feel these numbers depict an accurate representation of what is possible. You could do more or less.

Case Study # 1

Case Study # 6

Case Study # 2

Case Study # 7

Case Study # 3

Case Study # 8

Case Study # 4

Case Study # 9

Case Study # 5

Case Study # 10

Now let’s take the total profits from each of the 10 case studies which equals $8,653.02 and divide it by 10 to get an average profit of $865.30. I believe I’m being very conservative here. However, this gives you somewhat of an idea of what you might expect to earn. And remember, each time it only took me literally just a  few days to complete each mat. Also, I could have sold all of the available ad spaces instead of using one or more of them for my own ads. If I had sold them all, it would have greatly increased my profits in terms of just ad sales. Now let’s look at some bartered items…

Automotive paint Job
Yard Landscaping Services
9 Month Fitness Center Membership
Professional Video Duplication Services
10,000 Brochures
1 year Gold’s Gym Membership
6 Months Chiropractic Care

I won’t even affix a set value for the bartered items, because the value of course will fluctuate given the area where you live or may implement this concept. However, I think we can at least agree there is significant value here. And now there’s one more element of this system you need to consider…

Total Profit Made: $8,653.02

On every placemat I have ever done, I have always placed one or more advertisements of my own products, programs, services, business opportunities etc. This is honestly the main reason I decided to do this concept. For me it wasn’t the immediate profits to be made from selling advertising to other business owners. Of course the profits are great. I however wanted to reach 10,000 people for FREE and know that every day there would be many people looking at my ads!

When you consider the amount of time it takes the average restaurant to use up all 10,000 placemats, as well as the ZERO COST to you, it really makes a lot of sense. It’s a very smart business move and a very wise investment.

This is purely hypothetical of course, but let’s say you place your own advertisement on the placemat for a product that gives you a profit of just $10.00. And from the 10,000 placemats that are seen in the restaurant you get only a 1% response. This would be 100 orders at $10.00 each, equals $1,000! Let’s get even more conservative and say that you only get 1/2 the orders. You would still earn $500!

So when you think of it in terms of any orders that come in as a result of the ad that didn’t cost you anything to start with, you quickly realize this is certainly a good thing from a business standpoint. Now suppose you place an ad that yields a far greater return such as $25., $50., $100., or MORE? There’s no limit to how much you could earn in addition to the regular placemat advertising sales. It’s totally up to you. This is your business. You control the ads that are placed.

Now of course you may not have a business to advertise. And that’s okay, because I will show you how to very quickly and very easily locate the perfect offer to advertise on the placemats that is best suited for the local area in which you implement the restaurant placemats strategy. Trust me, you will LOVE how this works!

At this point you are most likely thinking… “Okay Britt, I can see the big picture here, but how do I go about getting started with restaurant placemats?” Here’s how…

Here’s what you get when you grab your copy of…
The Definitive Restaurant Placemat Advertising Guide

Here’s your turn-key, ready to go business, you can start making money with the same day you implement it, GUARANTEED! The REAL deal.
I have made this process incredibly simple for you. I have put all my tips, techniques, and highly effective money making strategies into an easy to read, straight forward course.
I believe this is the most complete guide to restaurant placemat advertising that exists. There are many guides out there, but none of them include all of the things I’ve found to make you the most money utilizing the restaurant placemat advertising concept. I’ve also discovered that the large majority of them simply do not include the very creative thinking outside the box methods that really work extremely well. They are plain and basic courses which don’t give you what are the absolute best ways to tweak the restaurant placemat advertising concept to ensure MAXIMUM INCOME!

The Definitive Restaurant Placemat Advertising Guide takes you by the hand and walks you through the very simple process, to ensure you know exactly what to do to put the maximum amount of money in your pocket every time you implement this powerful money making strategy. Here are some highlights of what’s included in this course…

1. How to locate restaurants that are perfectly suited for placemat promotions.

2. How to implement this strategy whether you choose to do it part-time or full-time.

3. The best ways to locate the right printer who will print the placemats for you at the absolute lowest possible price. I tell you what to say and how to know when a printer is trying to trick you into paying more than you should. You will discover how to easily and instantly spot a bad price and also what to say to always get the lowest price. Remember, the lower the printing cost, the MORE profit you make!

4. You get very powerful, easy to follow scripts so you never have to guess at anything. You will always know exactly and precisely what to say every time. You will have complete confidence in any situation.

5. My personal list of the things you should never do, to save time and make more money faster!

6. You also get my person list of the 50 best types of businesses to approach for placemat advertising. I reveal exactly what to say to get them to say YES!

7. Also included is a powerful, yet simple to follow presentation for approaching restaurants. I reveal the best ways to get them to say YES! You will be able to walk through the door with complete confidence.

8. You also get page inserts you can use to create a fast and easy visual presentation to quickly explain to the restaurant how the placemat promotion works. This will make the restaurant more likely to agree to participate with you and agree to do the promotion.

9. All of the easy forms you will need are also in there such as the restaurant agreement, advertisers layout, advertisers proof, suggested advertising rate schedule, form letters and more! These forms are very easy to complete and make it a breeze!

10. Many very easy to implement tips, techniques, and super effective strategies for closing the most sales in the shortest amount of time.

11. You get sample placemats to show the restaurant and potential advertisers until you have your own to show. You can use my included samples to easily give potential advertisers ideas for the kinds of ads they can place on the mats. This makes things very easy for you and them. They really love it when you bring out the mats and show them how their ad can be on the mats!

12. You will get a placemat grid which you can use to very easily keep track of which ad spots have already been sold, and which ones remain available for new advertisers to purchase.

13. You even get my own personal case study. You’ll see what happened my very first day selling restaurant placemat advertising. Here’s a hint… I generated enough money to cover my printing cost the very first day! And by the 5th day I generated MORE than you may think!

14. You’ll receive everything you need to find a restaurant, locate paying advertisers, and make money quickly and easily.

15. And… you also get something that is truly priceless to help ensure you have the absolute most success implementing this very simple money making strategy…

You also get FREE direct telephone access to me Monday – Saturday, 9AM to 9PM Eastern Standard Time.
I’m here for you if you ever need any help. Your success is my ultimate goal. I’m here to help ensure you enjoy amazing success with this package. I’ll help you have fun with it and make lots of money with it!

Let’s wrap this up…

I’m not going to play the typical marketing price game here. I told you at the beginning this isn’t a typical sales letter. So here it is, the easy to follow bottom line. For about the cost of a meal for two, you can grab The Definitive Restaurant Placemat Advertising Guide. With it you will be able to generate $600. to $1,000. or MORE within days of implementing it. I believe this is more than fair.

By the way… in case you’re wondering what kind of results others who have purchased this course have had, listen to the following short audio messages from proud course owners…

“I was a struggling single mother with four kids at home and still in school. I lost my job and was faced with limited resources. I needed something that would allow me time with my kids and the ability to make money to pay rent and to buy food etc. I didn’t know what to do. I had no money to waste. I got your restaurant placemat guide and studied it very carefully. I was nervous at first but after I got my first restaurant and sold my first two ads, I knew this thing was for real. Britt you saved me. Thank you so very much.” – Allison
“Britt I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. It really did exactly what you said it would do. I can not be happier. I’m so glad I found you and I highly recommend the placemats system to anyone who needs to make money. It does work.” – Jules
“My husband laughed at me when I told him what I was going to do. He said it wouldn’t work. But Britt you should have seen him eating his words when I brought in more money in the same week than he did from his job! Not only did your system work, I’ve since completed 4 mats and each time it works. I’m thrilled. Thanks so much.” – Bev
“Britt it’s been three weeks since I completed and delivered my very first placemat to the restaurant. Since then I’ve received 17 calls from people asking about being an advertiser! At this rate I’ll have my next mat sold ALL on the telephone! This is so neat. Thanks!” – Marv
“After I completed my first mat I guess a week, maybe a little longer had passed when I got a call from one of my advertisers. She said she wanted to pre-pay for the next mat I do! It got me excited to hear her talk about the number of people who brought the coupon in to her salon. Britt this is so much fun. I’m really glad to have found it. Thanks for all your help and your encouragement along the way.” – Brooke
“This is absolutely a business that is ready to go. It’s completely turn-key in every sense of the word. I got your course. I read it in one sitting. The next day I went out and started scouting for a restaurant. And by the end of the week I sold all but two ad spots! I got a call over the weekend for a meeting on Monday and then sold the other two by 10:30. I can’t wait to do my next restaurant promotion. Britt thank you.” – Warren
“Britt I had to write and tell you how pleased we are about how wonderful things turned out with your placemats system. My wife and I have been working this thing together and it’s been so much fun for us. We can now spend more time together and enjoy our retirement years plus have something to do and make money with it! We love it. Britt thank you so much for making this available.” – Ron & Theresa
“Britt it worked! I was sure it would not be anything but the usual garbage I’ve wasted money on before. I was so surprised. Thank you for being genuine and for putting out a quality product.” – Ben
Not everyone who purchases a course implements it. Average people are very lazy. Their income reflects their desire. You can’t expect results unless you open the course, read it and implement it. Many fail to have success with ANY opportunity. Usually because they don’t implement strategies, or take action. These represent the many who do. And they are very clear examples of what this course can do for you and what can happen when you implement it.
Now it’s YOUR turn to put The Definitive Restaurant Placemat Advertising Guide – Complete Money Making System to work for YOU. Are you ready to feel the confidence of success? It’s your time.
Listen to this short audio message only IF you have decided NOT to order The Definitive Restaurant Placemat Advertising Guide…
If you have any questions about this course, or anything else you’ve seen or heard on this site, feel free to use the contact form below, or connect with me direct at 804-897-2274. I am here to answer your questions and to help empower you for real success.

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